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Our Story 

Quirky Lovebirds

Over the past years, there has been an increasing consolidation in the Insurance Broking Industry with large national or international Insurance Brokers acquiring smaller local Insurance Brokers. This has resulted in very few if any, small local independent Insurance Brokers left in many areas. This has left a significant gap in the market as many companies prefer to continue using the services of a small local Insurance Broker who can provide the level of personal service they have been used to.


Chris McGowan has been running a specialist Marine Insurance Broker for many years and felt that now was a good time to consider forming a new local independent Insurance Broker offering the full range of insurance products. With this in mind, he approached Andrew Briggs who had until recently spent over 45 years running a local Insurance Broker in Eastbourne.


Andrew then introduced Chris to Kathryn McKenzie. Kathryn had worked with Andrew for over 25 years and Andrew was fully aware of how Kathryn also felt about the negative impact of the consolidation of Insurance Brokers. Following various meetings, the decision was made that Kathryn and Chris would join together to form a new company with Andrew also coming on board as an adviser.


To springboard the project we purchased Club Class Insurance Services, a well-established local Insurance Broker in Eastbourne. Club Class was established in 2003 and had historically specialised in Taxi Insurance. This was owned and run by Jackie Rose at the time of purchase and Jackie has been a part of Club Class since 2004. She has remained with us and forms a fundamental part of our Senior team at Mango Insurance. The acquisition was completed in July 2023 and we immediately expanded the range of Insurance Policies on offer. Our vision is to recreate a local independent Insurance Broker, and that a more modern and fresh approach and image was needed. Enter: the MANGO INSURANCE rebrand.


MANGO INSURANCE is your local independent Insurance Broker, looking to fill the gap in the local Insurance market.


With a combined total of over 100 years of Insurance Broking experience between us, we are well aware of the personal service and relationships that local businesses desire. Equally, we are aware of changes that are now necessary hence the cleaner, fresher image of MANGO INSURANCE.


Why are we called MANGO INSURANCE?

Well, it’s different and demonstrates our desire for a fresh image and approach.


Why the Love Birds?

Why not? - and who needs to see yet another stock image of The Shard anyway!

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