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Commercial Motor Insurance

From a single Van Insurance to a multi-vehicle fleet - we can assist.

You can have a mix of vehicles on our fleet policies including but not limited to Vans and Cars and we can arrange Fleet Policies from just 2 vehicles.


If you currently have several different vehicles on different Policies, provided there are 2 vehicles from the start of the Policy, you can add the others during the Policy, saving you admin time by only having one renewal date. This will also usually provide wider driving restrictions and cover than a standalone vehicle Policy.

Cover can be tailored to your needs with flexibility on driving restrictions depending on the vehicles covered and can have additional covers built into the Policy, including uninsured loss recovery or a courtesy vehicle should you have an accident. You'll also have the option of adding breakdown cover, ensuring your business keeps moving.

Fleet Polices can be extended to include Fork Lift Trucks and Agricultural vehicles, depending on your business.

We can also help with larger vehicles including Minibuses, Trucks and Courier vehicles

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