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Shops, Salons, Offices & Surgeries

Shop and Salons have their own specific wording, as do Offices and Surgeries – and whilst they are both packaged Policies (meaning you get features and benefits automatically built into the Policy) they cater for slightly different needs.

Shops and Salons Policies are generally used for businesses that supply goods and hold stock or supply services and are focused on a service, where a premises is needed to complete that service, such as hairdressing, beauty salons or Nail Bars. If shops and salons are affected by a claim this usually means that they cannot trade given that clients cannot come to the premises, so the Policy will cover Business Interruption.

Standard covers you will generally see once you have covered your stock and fixtures and fittings are glass cover (usually a requirement under a lease), money cover and usually give automatic seasonal increases due to increased stock at certain times of the year.

Offices and Surgeries are generally used for businesses such as Solicitors, Estate Agents or Accountants, Physiotherapy Businesses or Doctors' Surgeries and other more administration-based businesses.


The Policies tend to focus more on computer equipment cover including equipment breakdown, and also cater for Laptops and other business equipment that is taken away from the premises.


In recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these Policies have also evolved to cater for Homeworkers where there is no physical office but still have the same needs including Public and Employers Liability. Business Interruption in this case is also more flexible to include Increased Cost of Working rather than just Loss of Profits should a claim occur.

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